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Revision Hip Replacement

Revision Hip Replacement Surgeon in Towson, Baltimore, Cockeysville, MD

Occasionally, artificial components implanted during total hip replacement can wear out for various reasons and may need to be replaced using a surgical procedure known as revision hip replacement. The procedure involves replacing all or part of the previous implant with a new artificial hip joint. Jack Steele, M.D. provides diagnosis and revision hip replacement surgery in Towson, Baltimore, Cockeysville, MD. Jack Steele, M.D. also provides highly specialized care during and after the surgery. Contact Dr. Jack Steele’s team for an appointment today!

What is Revision Hip Replacement?

During total hip replacement, the damaged cartilage and bone are removed from the hip joint and replaced with artificial components. At times, hip replacement implants can wear out for various reasons and may need to be replaced with the help of a surgical procedure known as revision hip replacement surgery.

Revision hip replacement is a complex surgical procedure in which all or part of a previously implanted hip joint is replaced with a new artificial hip joint. Total hip replacement surgery is an option to relieve severe arthritis pain that limits your daily activities.

Indications for Revision Hip Replacement

Revision hip replacement is advised for the following conditions:

  • Increasing pain in the affected hip
  • Worn out plastic or polyethylene prosthesis
  • Dislocation of previous implants
  • Loosening of the femoral or acetabular component of the artificial hip joint
  • Infection around the hip prosthesis, causing pain and fever
  • Weakening of bone around the hip replacement (osteolysis)

Procedure of Revision Hip Replacement 

Revision Hip Replacement

There are many different types of revision hip replacement, depending on which implants need to be removed and replaced. When Dr. Steele evaluates your hip with history, physical exam and imaging, he will let you know which components need to be revised. If only the modular components need to be changed, this is a smaller surgery with a faster recovery and the patient is allowed to bear full weight postoperatively. However, if metal components fixed to your bone need to be revised, that is a larger surgery with a longer recovery. You may have limitations in the amount of weightbearing you are allowed for a period of time, and may have more restrictions in range of motion as well.

Post-procedure Care for Revision Hip Replacement

Dr. Steeleā€™s team will make you aware of restrictions postoperatively after revision hip replacement. These restrictions will vary depending on each individual patient and which components are revised.

Risks of Revision Hip Replacement

As with any major surgical procedure, there are certain potential risks and complications involved with revision hip replacement surgery. The possible complications after revision hip replacement include:

  • Infection
  • Dislocation
  • Fracture of the femur or pelvis
  • Injury to nerves or blood vessels
  • Formation of blood clots in the leg veins
  • Leg length inequality
  • Wearing of the hip prosthesis
  • Failure to relieve pain

If you would like to have additional information on treatments of hip conditions or would like to learn more about revision hip replacement, please contact Jack Steele, M.D., serving the communities of Towson, Baltimore, Cockeysville, MD.

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